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N800 Zone

Nokia Internet Tablet Zone
(formerly the N800 Zone)
Instructions are for Internet Tablet OS 2007 - this stuff should work similarly on OS2006 (Nokia 770), and we'll see how similar it is on 2008 and the Nokia N810 - if you have experience with the new Maemo device, please let me know!

Sync Evolution and GPE on N800 - I couldn't find anywhere online showing how to do this step by step, so I poked around and working with some other tutorials, I did get it to work! Instructions show how to transparently use SSH (either DropBear or OpenSSH) to sync GPE with Evolution, and with the change of one easy setting, also KDE PIM!
Build AbiWord for Maemo - Work in progress instructions to use upstream Trunk and 2.6 sources to produce a binary in Scratchbox.

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