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Please note - I am out of the country and will be unable to schedule appointments until I return in mid-May. Thanks!

About Me
I am...
code - Active participant in the open source community of AbiWord, a free word processor that's speedy and awesome. Owner/operator of a technology services business, RyAnd Computing, that specializes in on-site computer repair, network design and administration, and web application design and implementation. Commercial supporter for Ubuntu Linux on both the server and the desktop.
art - Commercial graphic designer and interface designer for print and web. Graphic designer for AbiWord project.
life - Ryan Pavlik: coder, artist, student, friend.

Enjoy your time here - I hope you find my resources useful!

Site Zones

AbiWord Zone - including
N800 Zone - Lessons learned, tips and tricks for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Some may also apply to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, and I'll be updating things for OS 2008 and Nokia N810 as soon as I get OS2008 on my N800 and can provide instructions
FLOSS Zone - Everything else Free/Libre/Open Source Software related that isn't in another zone.
Ryan on the Web - Links to other places where I'm involved, pages that mention me, etc. Useful to figure out which vanity-google results are mine and which are the other Ryan Pavlik, also an open source developer (no joke! I don't code in Ruby, though, so that's a decent tip-off)
Legacy pages: my open source contributions

more soon!
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