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Building libgsf on Windows

What You Need:
glib (I used 2.14.4 from GNOME)
iconv (I used 1.9.1 from GNOME)
gettext (I used 0.14.5 from GNOME)
libxml2 (I used 2.6.30 from RP)
zlib (I used 1.2.3 from GnuWin32)

Building It
Untar the tarball (I used 1.14.7)
In MSYS: PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/mingw/lib/pkgconfig ./configure --without-python --prefix=/mingw
make && make DESTDIR=/c/binaries/libgsf-1.14.7 install
My notes say something about "Change the dependencies line in the .la files of the destination from the faulty path to libiconv to -liconv" for 1.14.1, but we'll see if that is necessary in a nice clean build environment.
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