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Building AbiWord 2 8 on Windows

What You Need
Note - Unless otherwise noted, you're looking for one or more zip files in each of these places, usually a -bin and a -dev.
For All Builds:
MinGW/MSYS 1.0.1(See Setting Up a Build Environment - you need pkg-config too, install these dependencies in the way that page shows)
MSYS DTK for 1.0.1 - Install this right after intsalling MinGW
autoconf 2.59 and automake 1.8.2 from MSYS - extract to c:\msys\1.0\ after installing the DTK
bzip2[-bin, -lib] (I used 1.0.4 from GnuWin32) - Rename libbz2.dll.a in mingw\lib to _libbz2.dll.a
gettext[-dev] (I used 0.14.5 from GNOME)
glib[-dev] (I used 2.14.4 from GNOME)
libgsf[-dev] (I used 1.14.7 - Building libgsf on Windows)
libiconv (I used 1.9.1 from GNOME)
libxml2 (I used 2.6.30 - you must follow Building libxml2 on Windows)
libwv[-dev] (I used version 1.2.4 - from RP )
zlib (I used 1.2.3 - normally have used zlib.net version, but see Building Using zlib on Windows )

For Tools Plugins:
libmathview (Avoid version 0.8.0 - I used 0.7.8 from RP)
link-grammar (I used 4.2.4 from RP/Abi)
boost with libboost-thread: get the official boost 1.34.0 distribution (zip, not installer) from boost.org, and the compiled bit from http://www.abisource.com/~rp/builds/builddeps/ - Don't try to install this yet, but rather wait for the Tools compilation instructions
ASIO - you must use 0.3.8rc3 or newer, again, wait until the Tools compilation instructions to know what to do here. http://asio.sf.net/ - Don't get the Boost-integrated one. I used 0.3.8

For Import Export Plugins:
libwpd[-MinGW, -devel] (I used 0.8.13 from http://libwpd.sourceforge.net/download.html )
psiconv (I used 0.9.8-1 from RP)

For Building Installers:
You'll need NSIS http://nsis.sf.net/ installed to C:\Program Files\NSIS (default) or follow some instructions below.
You'll also need some plugins from that site:

Where To Get These:
GNOME: ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/binaries/win32/ - look in the dependencies directory if you can't find it.
Abi: (Probably also built by me) http://abisource.com/downloads/dependencies/

Setting Up Your Source Tree
Create a a directory with no spaces in the name (easiest) in a shallow directory of one of your drives (c:\abisource, c:\srctrees\abihead) - this will be your source tree root.
Now, decide if you're using a tarball (release) or SVN/CVS (development)
Open MSYS.
cd to your source root using msys syntax (e.g. cd /c/abisource or cd /c/srctrees/abihead)
execute these commands (or perform the equivalent using TortoiseSVN)

Download all four tarballs into a directory like /c/abisource.
Untar abiword-2.8.x.tar.gz. You will get an abiword-2.8.x directory
Untar abiword-docs-2.8.x.tar.gz
Untar abiword-extras-2.8.x.tar.gz

For both methods:
Complete the above steps for your chosen method of source distribution.
Make a new directory inside your source root named libs.

Building AbiWord Core
cd into your source root directory, and the abi subdirectory within (cd /c/src/abihead/abiword for me)
Execute the command PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/mingw/lib/pkgconfig CPPFLAGS="-I../libs/boost/ -I../libs/asio/" ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I /mingw/share/aclocal/" ./autogen.sh
Revised instructions end here
Copy "libglib-2.0-0.dll", "libgobject-2.0-0.dll", "iconv.dll", "intl.dll", "libgsf-1-114.dll", "bzip2.dll", "libxml2-2.dll", and "zlib1.dll" into abi/src/MINGW32_1.0.10_i386_OBJ/bin from /mingw/bin
You can now run AbiWord from that bin directory. To make an installer, run PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/mingw/lib/pkgconfig make distribution
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