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Building AbiCollab on Windows

Build Environment:
Same as with 2.5 for diving make, see Windows Build Instructions

How To Prepare Source Tree:
Build Boost for MinGW (and skip to the ASIO step below) or download: http://www.abisource.com/~rp/builds/builddeps/libboost_thread-mt-mingw.zip and keep following these instructions.
Download the regular Boost distribution (not the installer) from http://www.boost.org/ . In the parent directory of abi and abiword-plugins, you should have a libs directory that only contains a zlib folder. Extract your boost download into the libs directory, and name the subdirectory boost. (it probably was called something like boost_1_34_0) (for those who look into that black box of a directory: yes, this means there will be a /libs/boost/boost directory. That is correct.)
Unzip the libboost_thread-mt-mingw.zip into that /libs/boost directory (it should create a directory called lib, confusingly enough)
Get ASIO v.0.3.8rc3 or newer from http://asio.sf.net/ (not the boost-integrated one), and do the same basic thing: extract the contents to /libs/asio in your abi source tree (so /libs/asio/include contains asio.hpp)
Now, go back to your regular build instructions, and build the Tools plugins. AbiCollab will build automatically, along with the TCP backend!

NOTE: It's not a bad idea to add ABI_OPT_DEBUG=1 to the beginning of your make command lines. Debugging symbols are fun and useful!
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