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Build Boost for MinGW

Set up a MinGW/MSYS environment like for AbiWord 2.5
Get the latest Boost.
Extract them both to the same dir (overlaid) (bjam should only be one or two files).
Open msys and cd to your boost directory.
bjam --toolset=gcc --layout=system --with-thread stage
The stage subdir now contains lib - you can either share this with friends to put in their boost distribution, or move it up a directory into your own :D
Put the directory you unzipped Boost into inside your Abi build root in the libs folder, and rename it to just boost (instead of boost_1_34 or whatever).

If this looks too confusing, why not download the one I made? This can be unzipped into your /libs/boost directory in your abi build tree. http://www.abisource.com/~rp/builds/builddeps/libboost_thread-mt-mingw.zip
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