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Build AbiWord for Maemo

Official Instructions
the official instructions are located in the Maemo Garage at https://garage.maemo.org/svn/abiword/abiword-ite/trunk/README.TXT

Ryan's Personal Instructions
this is where I test new procedures, etc, that aren't quite ready to be "official". If you want to partipate, join the Maemo Garage project.
Necessary Dependencies
Keep in mind that for each of these, you must build/install them in every target separately! (Bora and Chinook, x86 and armel!)

Dependencies from source: - easiest way is to apt-get source outside of Scratchbox, I used Ubuntu Gutsy in the SDK VMware image: (build with dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot and install all pieces in scratchbox using fakeroot dpkg -i whatever.deb unless otherwise noted)
libfribidi0 (-dev)
gsfonts - this one is cross-arch
libwmf - must edit debian/rules and comment out the dh_gtkmodules command (two lines) using a pound/hash sign.
libwv (-dev) - need 1.2 or higher
libenchant - must edit debian/rules and add --disable-pspell --disable-myspell to the config line then do a dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d
Dependencies from maemo: Install using fakeroot apt-get install whatever
(Used to need this - not necessary anymore? libreadline4 (-dev))

Checkout AbiWord from SVN - svn co http://svn.abisource.com/abiword/branches/ABI-2-6-0-STABLE/ abiword
Checkout AbiWord ITE Packaging - svn co https://garage.maemo.org/svn/abiword/abiword-ite/trunk/ abiword-ite
From within Scratchbox, in the abiword directory,
./autogen.sh (if using SVN)
ln -s ../abiword-ite/debian debian
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
Enjoy? We'll see if this works right...

For some files (like the dependencies pre-built) - see http://abiword.garage.maemo.org

See also: http://maemovmware.garage.maemo.org/ - VMWare appliances with Scratchbox pre-installed.

Development of the Maemo packaging (but not the Hildon UI integration) has moved to http://abiword.garage.maemo.org/
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