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AbiWord Nightly Builds

About The Builds
These new builds are created using a VMWare Server and Windows 2000, hosted courtesy of Marc Maurer of www.uwog.net fame. Thanks Uwog! These "afternoonlies" from the stable and development tree are built from 5:00 and 6:00 (respectively) WEDT AbiWord 2.4 CVS daily, uploaded immediately after (unless there's a problem, before 7:00 WEDT). This schedule may vary - no guarantees that Windows' scheduled tasks gizmo won't spaz, build won't break, etc...
These are unofficial builds: they are from the stable tree but they may not necessarily be stable, testing results and bug reports are requested. No guarantee this won't melt your computer and turn it into a Chinese cooking utensil or an conga dancer wearing polka-dots.
THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL BUILDS - the version number is that of an unreleased version: these are neither "sneak prerelease" or what will be released as the version, simply in between the version listed and the previous one. Any build with this particular distinctive splash is a nightly build of the stable tree from this web site. The HEAD builds have their own CVS-HEAD only splash, which is not distinctive to this site yet.

Want a version of AbiWord to use from day to day? Don't get these! Go to Official Downloads and get an official version - these are for testing, bug reporting, and development.

About The BuildBlogger
As a part of the AbiSource Community Outreach Project, I've hooked these nightly builds up to a weblog to report status (success or failure), tree (stable or trunk), platform (win32 at the moment), and both an abbreviated build log (showing changed files) and a full log after a break. The illustrious Build Results Category is just beyond that link - feel free to throw a /feed on the end to get an RSS feed to stay plugged into our build status.
The BuildBlogger magic is not a personal secret - I want your builds! I will help you get a nightly build set up and connected to the BuildBlogger (with a simple Python script to post), if you would only Contact Me!

Stable Tree Builds
These are nightly builds of the Stable tree (2.4.x). You can check on the "stable build status" (what files were uploaded and when) and view a full "stable build log".

Trunk ("CVS HEAD") Builds
These are nightly builds of the Trunk - 2.7.x development edition of AbiWord. You can check on the "trunk build status" (what files were uploaded and when) and view a full "trunk build log".

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