Ryan's OSS Art (super quick hack) Page

OSS, 'Free', it's all good to me!*

*Note: Rhyme available while supplies last. This one's headed for the trash bin.

Here are the numerous things I feel like uploading that relate to web and graphics design for the OSS community, etc. This page is a very, very quick hack copy of my OSS Abi page (which was a poor hack of my RA computing site). All this stuff will be switched to my clear/definition layout soon, so I apologize for the visual design mess this is. This web design does not represent my best work. If you feel like helping me out, and need web design done for a commercial project, please visit RA Computing, my company and hostee of this page. Thanks!

All artwork created by Ryan Pavlik (username abiryan at the domain ryand dot net), in the Gimp and Inkscape, unless noted otherwise. Some public domain or free images may have been used, though rarely now that I have a nice digital camera. Some source pictures (for instance, the source of dom's head) used with permission.